Derrol Sawyer

Happiness Can Only Be Found In Jesus Christ

The things I love most are God, family, fellowship with the people that God brings into my life, music and being fit spiritually, physically, and mentally.

I have always loved singing and making music. In my late 20’s I decided to learn to play the guitar because I enjoyed singing the popular songs that I would hear on the radio and I saw that the guitar would allow me to sing and accompany myself.

It is true that “God makes all things beautiful in His time.” When I made the choice, I had no idea that the Lord would take it and use it for His purposes. He taught me to sing a “New Song” and one of my greatest joys is being able to share His songs with you.

Let’s remain faithful so that we can sing the “Song of Moses” and the “Song of the Lamb” together on the “Sea of Glass.”

Derrol Sawyer